Source 'n' waterfalls
Rivers’ sources and waterfalls are the most unexplored, the purest and definitely the most beautiful sights which a tourist can see.


in Greek: a meadow for goats out uf which only one has survived.

Krka Skradinski & Roški falls

‘Do you see those people from Zagreb over there in the corner?’ – ‘Yes.’ – ‘Well, they’ve been sitting there since morning.’

Plitvice lakes

NP Plitvice is the oldest, the largest and the most beautiful national park in Croatia. Among other 8 national parks Plitvice is the most visited one.

Split Klis & amphitheater

Even those who have seen Naples, well, they should better wait with dying before they taste ‘pašticada’ there.


Šibenik & Krka falls

...a walking tour on a wooden construction to the most beautiful waterfall in Croatia (48m) seen from all sides.


By the sea, after the ride among olive trees we reach the abandoned monastery Gospe of Prizidnica...