Almost all tourists miss to see those spots, which is one of the main reasons for creating this project and a web-site. Above the southern entrance to Ćipiko Palace one can see an inscription, which is not so visible. It reads: „NOSCE TE IPSUM“ (in Greek: “gnothi seauthon“), which means: Realize yourself! It was the main aspiration of Bogomils, who lived there till the massacre arranged by Vatican in the 13th century. One of the clues for that religious cleansing was the fact that the gates on the cathedral in Split were decorated with ‘anti-Patareni scenes’ (the name for Bogomils in Italy). However, we can still see their tombstones by Sv. Spas Church (Church of Holy Salvation) (on the tour Sources ‘n’ Waterfalls as well).


Including: Guide

Excursion duration:cca 1.5h